It’s our suppliers who make our dishes possible.

We are grateful to them and the hard work they put into making their produce so good. It makes cooking rewarding.

Come and eat with us

Our restaurant is open for morning coffee, lunch, traditional afternoon tea and dinner.

The ‘Beaucette Brunch’ is served until 11.30 and on Saturday and Sunday mornings indulge in our ‘Beaucette Breakfast’.

Our Menus

As the seasons change, so do our menus, staying faithful to seasonal ingredients.

For this, we ask for your forbearance. Produce availability and dish enhancements mean new dishes may appear on the day whilst some may be making a graceful exit.

Special Requirements

Gluten and Dairy free, Vegan. Soya and Lactose milk is available. Please feel free to ask.


The provenance of ingredients is fundamental to good flavour.

As much as possible is sourced from Guernsey producers, yet it has to be said that there are times when we have to look to the mainland.


Lobsters, crabs, scallops, turbot, plaice and cod are all straight from Guernsey’s seas every day.


We only use locally grown oysters from Guernsey’s Rocquaine Sea Farms. Oysters from Rocquaine Bay are sea fresh and sweet.


Fresh Guernsey Herbs Ltd is our specialist supplier of herbs, micro-herbs and spinach.


Meat tends to come from the mainland where farms in Hampshire provide us with beef fillets whilst sirloins come from Scotland. In the main our lamb is Welsh.

We take great care to ensure that all the meat we use comes from animals which have been reared with freedom to roam outdoors and allowed to grow at a natural rate. This gives respect to the animal as well ensuring great flavour and tenderness.

Fruit and Vegetables

As far as possible, we use local vegetables. Their flavour is so superior to anything from anywhere else. In the summer, we always look forward to Guernsey’s soft fruit harvest.

Milk, butter and cream

It just has to be Guernsey milk, Guernsey butter and Guernsey cream. There’s no competition to these stunning products.


All our breads are home made and fresh every day.


Last but not least, we must thank our wine merchants for their tolerance as we taste, compare and balance their wines with our food. It’s crucial to serve the right wines with our dishes to complete the dining experience.
 BMR - Gold award


For your lunch or dinner reservation, please telephone the Restaurant at Beaucette Marina on +44 (0) 1481 247066.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Chef Patron James and Valerie Scowen